Adaptation and Evolution Text Sets

Elementary Level: Birds and Adaptation

Digital Resources 

Cornell Lab: Hellgate Ospreys, Missoula, MT 

Cornell Lab: Great Horned Owls, Savannah Georgia

Cornell Lab: Bermuda Cahow, Bermuda

Cornell Lab: Laysan Albatross, Kauai, Hawaii

Cornell Lab:  Red-Tailed Hawks
Cornell Lab: Cornell Lab Feeder

Cornell Lab: Ontario Feeder
World Land Trust Rainforest Bird Camera
Pale Male (Red-Tailed Hawks in NYC)

NPR Story on Pale Male in NYC

Cornell Ornithology Lab

Cornell Ornithology Lab Online Bird Guide

Cornell Ornithology Lab: Nest Watch

National Audubon Society

NY Times Topics: Birds

NY Times Topics: Bird Watching News

Drexel University: Vireo (world’s largest collection of bird photographs)

BEN: Bird Education Network

National Geographic: Birds

National Public Radio: "Birds of a Feather Aren't Necessarily Related"

National Public Radio: "More Than Half of U.S. Bird Species Threatened By Climate Change

Classroom Bookshelf Entry on Teaching with Feathers, Not Just for Flying

Classroom Bookshelf Entry on Teaching with Look Up! Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard

Classroom Bookshelf Entry on Teaching with Bird Talk

Uncommon Corps Entry on Snowy Owl Irruption

Trade Books 

Beaks! By Sneed Collard
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-57091-388-4

Wings! By Sneed Collard
ISBN:  978-1570916113

Feathers Not Just for Flying by Melissa Stewart
ISBN: 978-1580894319

Bird Talk: What Birds are Saying and Why by Lita Judge
ISBN: 978-1596436466

Look Up! Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard
ISBN: 978-0763645618

Birds by David Burnie
ISBN: 978-0756637682

National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America
ISBN: 978-1-4263-1094-2

High School: Human Evolution

Trade Books 

Billions of Years, Amazing Changes by Laurence Pringle
ISBN: 978-1590787236

Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne
ISBN:  978-0143116646

Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation by Bill Nye
ISBN:  978-1250007131

The Story of Evolution by Steve Jenkins
ISBN: 978-0618164769

Skull in the Rock by Marc Aronson
ISBN: 1426310102

Lucy Long Ago by Catherine Thimmesh
ISBN: 978-0547051994

Their Skeletons Speak by Sally Walker

ISBN: 978-0761374572

Digital Resources 

NOVA: Early Humans in Pop Culture

NPR: Dance of Human Evolution was Herky Jerky Fossils Suggest

Smithsonian: Human Family Tree

NPR: Juan Enriquez, Are We Evolving Into a Different Species?

PBS Nova: Evolution

PBS NOVA: What is Evo/Devo?

PBS Nova: Becoming Human

PBS Nova: The Adaptable Human

Smithsonian: What Does It Mean to Be Human?

NSTA on Teaching Evolution

Teaching Channel on Teaching Evolution

The New York Times Topics: Evolution

NPR and Evolution

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