Thursday, March 21, 2013

How Can You Help Your School Learn More About Nonfiction Trade Books?

Feeling overwhelmed about the new expectations the Common Core State Standards place on reading nonfiction? Are you and your colleagues struggling with how to incorporate more authentic, trade book nonfiction written for children and young adults into your curriculum and instruction?

This school year, Mary Ann has been coauthoring articles for the "Curriculum Connections" newsletter for School Library Journal. Here is a round-up of previously-written articles that may be helpful to you as you consider transitioning to text sets and using nonfiction trade books across the curriculum: 

September: Cultivating Collaboration

October: Creating Community 

November: Content Over Coverage

December: Clustering and the Common Core

January: Deconstructing Nonfiction

February: Talking About Nonfiction

March: Inquiry and Nonfiction

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