Text Sets on Artists and Art

Text Sets on Artists and Art
April 2015
Curated by Mary Ann Cappiello and Erika Thulin Dawes

Artist Study: Henri Matisse
How does an exploration of biographies on a single artist help you to better understand the art and the artist?

Picture Books
Fillian, S. (2011). Miss Etta and Dr. Claribel: Bringing Matisse to America. David R. Godine, Publisher.
Friedman, S. (2014). Matisse’s garden. Ill. by C. Amodeo. The Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Johnson, K., O’Connor, J. (2002). Henri Matisse: Drawing with scissors. Ill. by J. Hartland. Grosset and Dunlap.
LeTord, B. (1999). Henri Matisse: A bird or two: A story about Henri Matisse. Eerdmans.
MacLachlan, P. (2014). The iridescence of birds: A book about Henri Matisse. Ill. by H. Hooper. A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press.
Parker, M. P. (2012). Colorful dreamer: The story of the artist Henri Matisse. Ill. by H. Berry. Dial Books for Young Readers.
Winter, J. (2013). Henri’s scissors. Beach Lane Books.

Digital Resources
Times Topics, Henri Matisse, The New York Times
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Henri Matisse Tour, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Matisse Museum, Nice, France
The Tate Gallery, London
A Tale of Two Sisters and a Serious Eye for Art, NPR
A War Time Matisse Full of Pain and Beauty, NPR

Author Study: Robert Burleigh
How does looking at an author’s collective work about artists help you understand writer’s craft and the art of biography?

Picture Books
Burleigh, R. (2014). Edward Hopper paints his world. Ill. by W. Minor. Christy Ottaviano Books, Henry Holt.
(2012). George Bellows: Painter with a punch. Harry N. Abrams Books.
(2001). Looking for Bird in the city. Ill. by M. Los. Harcourt.
(2006). Paul Cezanne: A painter’s journey. Harry N. Abrams Books.
(2004). Seurat and La Grande Jatte. Harry N. Abrams Books.
(2005). Toulouse-Lautrec: The Moulin Rouge and the City of Light. Harry N. Abrams Books.

Digital Resources
Robert Burleigh’s Website

Art as a Window into a Time Period: The Great Depression
How do different types of art from a time period help you understand it from multiple perspectives?

Picture Books
Christensen, B. (2001). Woody Guthrie: Poet of the people. Alfred Knopf.

Chapter Books
Friedman, R. (2005). Children of the Great Depression. Houghton Mifflin Books for Young Readers.
Partridge, E. (2002). This land was made for you and me: The life and songs of Woody Guthrie. Viking.
-----(1998). Restless spirit: The life and work of Dorothea Lange. Viking.
Sandler, M. (2009). The Dust Bowl through the lens: How photography revealed and helped remedy a national disaster. Walker Childrens.

Digital Resources
A Depression Art Gallery

Art as a Window into a Text
How does art shape your experience of a seminal text?

Picture Books
Amnesty International. (2008). We are all born free: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures. Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.
Guthrie, W. (1998). This land is your land. Ill. by K. Jacobsen. Little Brown and Company.
Hughes, L. (2012). I, too, sing America. Ill. by B. Collier. Simon and Shuster.
Johnson, J. W. (2007). Lift every voice and sing. Ill. by B. Collier. Amistad, Harper Collins.
Key, F. S. (1973/2014). The Star-Spangled Banner. Ill. by P. Spier. Doubleday Books for Young Readers.
King, M.L. (2012). I have a dream. Ill. by K. Nelson. Schwartz and Wade.
Longfellow, H.L. (2001). The midnight ride of Paul Revere. Ill. by C. Bing. Handprint Books, Chronicle.
Murphy, C.R. (2014). My Country ‘Tis of Thee: How one song reveals the history of civil rights. Ill. by B. Collier. Henry Holt and Company.
(1987/2014). We the people: The Constitution of the United States. Ill. by P. Spier. Doubleday Books for Young Readers.

Digital Resources
Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms
Murals at the US Capitol: Explore Capitol Hill

Art as Political Activism
How can art serve as a catalyst for political action?

Picture Books
Christensen, B. (2001). Woody Guthrie: Poet of the people. Alfred Knopf.
Rappaport, D. (2004). John’s secret dream: The life of John Lennon. Ill. by B. Collier. Hyperion Books for Children.
Serres, A. (2010). And Picasso painted Geurnica. Allan and Unwin.
Tunitiah, D. (2011). Diego Rivera, his world and ours. Harry Abrams Books.

Chapter Books
Hill, L. C. (2011). Dave the potter: Artist, poet, slave. Ill. by B. Collier. Little Brown.
Partridge, E. (2002). This land was made for you and me: The life and songs of Woody Guthrie. Viking.
Partridge, E. (2005). John Lennon, All I want is the truth: A photobiographic biography. Viking.

Digital Resources
PBS Dorothea Lange: The Dust Bowl
Woody Guthrie
PBS: Guernica: Testimony of War
SCIWAY: Dave the Potter
Diego Rivera: Murals for the Museum of Modern Art
WGBH: American Experience: People & Events: Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera: Man at the Crossroads

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